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Let’s change the air

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Let’s change the air

We spend 80% of our time inside. But the air in our homes and offices is five times more polluted than the air outside.

AER INSIDE offers a simple allergens free solution to regain healthy air and eliminate bad odors. 

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The main biomes are forests, deserts, grasslands… Today the fastest growing biome on our planet is the
indoor environment.

AER INSIDE restores your “home biome”.

Biotechnology for the home environment

Our solution is based on the use of micro organisms, known as probiotics, which have already been proven in the food industry.

This biotechnology allows an optimization of the microflora on the surfaces and helps to restore a balanced ecosystem in our interiors, for the benefit of humans and pets.

We have developed, with a team of experienced scientific laboratory, a liquid solution 100% natural which, by ultrasonic diffusion, helps to restore a healthy environment in both your home and office.

Renewed well-being

  • helps reduce allergies and asthma
  • breaks down organic dust mite waste
  • destroys bad odors
  • prevents the proliferation of mold
  • allows relaxation and better sleep
  • allows better concentration

Renewed well-being

  • helps reduce allergies and asthma
  • breaks down organic dust mite waste
  • destroys bad odors
  • prevents the proliferation of mold
  • allows relaxation and better sleep
  • allows better concentration
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reduces allergies
and restores the air to its original purity

The frequency of allergies continues to increase in recent years, due to global warming, atmospheric pollution and changes in dietary practices

Tested by an independent lab *, AER INSIDE delivers exceptional performance in just one hour of use.

* BMA Labor GbR – Dr. Ute Stephan – 44805 Bochum, Germany

In one hour of diffusion we find
a notable reduction in the following allergens:


  • 43 % allergen reduction
  • Thanks to its long-lasting effect, the product continues to act and achieves a result of 67% after 7 days


  • 20 % allergen reduction

Pet hair

  • 50 % allergen reduction for dog hair
  • 58% allergen reduction for cat hair

Over the long term, and with regular use, AER INSIDE considerably multiplies the effects of purifying your indoor air.

Choose the right diffuser for you


Ceramic diffuser with a refined shape that brings well-being and serenity to the home

Technical characteristics

Ultrasonic diffuser
Power supply electrical cable

Height 19.30 cm
Diameter 12.50 cm
Weight 695 g

Tank 130 ml


  • Diffusion area 50 m2
  • 7h continuous and 14h intermittent
  • 3 programs 1h, 1h30 et 2h
  • Diffusion is recommended daily for 1h

Car diffuser

Car diffuseur

The car diffuser fits in the cup holder. It’s soft blue light and splash-proof design, limit distractions when you are driving. Plug it into the USB outlet. Add fresh Aer Inside liquid and let the cool mist refresh and recharge you and your car.

Technical characteristics

PVC material (spill-proof ball)
Ultrasonic diffuser
Power supply electric cable and USB 3.

Height 17 cm
Diameter 7.80 cm
Weight 260g
Tank 70 ml
Blue LED light


2-hour high mist run time
5-hour low mist run time


Pocket diffuser, ideal for cars, at the office or on holiday. Rechargeable via USB, this mini portable diffuser with a capacity of one hour of autonomy travels with you everywhere.

Technical characteristics

PVC material
Ultrasonic diffuser
USB 3.0 cable supplied

Height 10 cm
Diameter 3.2 cm
Weight 46 g

Tank 10 ml


Diffusion area 15 m2
Program 1 min (when the tank is empty then the appliance switches off automatically)
Diffusion of 8 to 10 cycles / 1 h is recommended

Recharges voyage

Travel package 100 ml

Neutral & Green Refills

A NEUTRAL liquid probiotic solution ideal for eliminating bad odors, reducing risks of allergies and emitting a fine and 100% natural, fragrance-free and allergen-free mist, pleasant for all your interiors.

If you prefer a fresh scent, choose GREEN – ALOE VERA.

These two solutions can be diffused in all rooms of the house, but also in the office, in waiting rooms, etc.

Technical characteristics

Volume 250 ml and 1000 ml (higher volumes available on request)
Travel package 100 ml


Without perfume
100% natural (ideal for people with allergies and spaces that require discretion)


Fresh scent of Aloe Vera reminiscent of freshly cut grass
A unique scent, with clean and fresh notes which provides fresh air

100% natural

Sans allergènes

Allergy free

Pour les humains et les animaux

For humans and animals



Non testé sur les animaux

Cruelty free

Your olfactory signature

In collaboration with a perfumer, we can create original and quality scents that add pleasure to your desire to purify your indoor air.

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